Brian(Prey 2007)

Brian is a minor character in the 2007 natural horror/thriller film Prey. He was a park ranger working at Leopard's Rest Lodge.

Background Edit

Almost nothing is known of Brian's past, other than that he was born in South Africa and grew up to be a ranger.

Prey Edit

Brian made his debut in the film outside Leopard's Rest Lodge, where he greeted Tom Newman, before being introduced to his new wife and his kids, Jessica and David, all of whom he was to take on a game drive. Once they were all inside his SUV, he took off, along the way pointing out the Crocodile River, before deciding to go more off the usual path following a comment from Jessica. When David said he needed to use the bathroom, Brian stopped and emptied a bottle, but since he didn't need to pee, Brian got out and grabbed his rifle. Though Amy Newman asked if this was a good idea for safety reasons, he assured her they'd be fine since he had his rifle. Walking out with him, Brian told him he'd watch out for danger while he did his bussiness, telling him to use grass. When he seemed puzzled by this, Brian started to explain something, but before he could finish, the sound of a nearby roar silenced him. Raising his rifle as a lioness came into sight nearby, Brian told David to get behind him and that they would go backwards together when he said to move. He was, however, unaware that a lion had appeared behind them, which Amy tried to distract. When it signaled, the lioness charged, Brian telling David to run and trying to shoot her. He missed and ended up running too, falling and dropping his gun, before, realizing he couldn't make inside in time, shutting himself out of the SUV. Brian was afterwards killed by the lioness before the eyes of his guests, his body being devoured by her, the lion, and another lioness.

Skills Edit

As a ranger, Brian was very familiar with the area and a capable tracker and hunter.

Personality Edit

During his short appearance, Brian showed a polite, friendly nature, respectful to others, and showed himself as a true hero, sacrificing himself to save the lives of Amy Newman and her two stepchildren.