Colonel Brock Alligator 1980

Colonel Brock is a supporting character of the 1980 natural horror/monster film Alligator. He was a professional big-game hunter and tracker, who was hired to kill Ramon, the giant alligator terrorizing the town in the film, having killed other targets all around the globe.

Background Edit

Little is known of Colonel Brock's past, other than that he became a soldier and successfully killed big-game animals all around the world.

Alligator Edit

After Ramon, a giant alliagator began a reign of terror in the film's city, the mayor summoned Colonel Brock and hired him to kill the beast. He conflicted somewhat with Detective David Madison, before properly greeting and shaking hands with Dr. Marisa Kendall, telling her that the fact Ramon could kill him made it more fun to hunt him. Later, while interviewed, Brock demonstrated his own knowledge on alligators and ability to imitate their calls, expressing hope that it would help him find his prey. Assisting the police in tracking Ramon, Brock was amazed at the large pile of droppings it had left. Later, after police retired for the day, Brock bought beer for a trio of local boys, who he also hired as native guides. Later, they led him an alley entrance, mocking his guides when they are too cowardly to follow him inside after he explained that bearers back up the hunter. One tagged along,and while drinking some manner of alcoholic drink, was surprised by Ramon's shadow and growl. readying his rifle, he followed the giant alligator, emptying his rifle into him, before being grabbed into his jaws. Despite his guide's attempt to help him, Brock was killed and swallowed nearly whole by the giant Ramon.

Personality Edit

Colonel Brock was a very cocky and confident man, especially in his skills. He looked down on cowardly behavior and was minorly arrogant towards others. He immediately conflicted with David Madison, due to their conflicting personas. However, Brock was shown as a very brave man, showing no fear of Ramon until the beast caught him in his jaws. He also was very respectful towards women, shown in his proper greeting of Dr. Marisa Kendall.

Skills Edit

Brock was a very skilled big-game hunter and tracker, who successfully killed many prey all over the world. His skill and knowledge were enough that the mayor of the city summoned ad hired him to kill Ramon, the giant alligator in the film, after it started its rampage. He was possibly experienced at hunting man-eaters as well, and showed to be able to convincingly imitate the calls of an alligator, planning to use it in his hunt. Also, his rank of Colonel proved Brock was a very skilled and capable soldier, also being good with weapons.