Dr. David Hawthorne

Dr. David Hawthorne is a supporting character of the 1996 action/adventure/thriller film The Ghost and the Darkness. He was medical doctor hired by Robert Beaumont to medically assist the workers of the railway he was supervising the building of in East Africa.

Background Edit

Pratically nothing is known about Hawthorne's past, other than that he was an atheist and became a doctor, being employed by the knight, Robert Beaumont and stationed in East Africa.

The Ghost and the Darkness Edit

Dr. David Hawthorne made his debut in the film at his hospital at Tsavo, mocking his rival, Angus Starling's comment about the local sick only being in earthly suffering after accpeting God into their hearts, before introducing himself to Colonel John Henry Patterson, the man sent to build the railway bridge over the river at the camp. After stating that he only worked for Robert Beaumont, their employer, because he felt no one else would hire him, Hawthorne revealed, slightly arguing with Starling, that a lion had attacked one of his helpers earlier. After asking Patterson what he planned to do about the beast, Hawthorne was answer that he would try to sort it out that night, Hawthorne later somewhat greeting him the next day after he succeeded in doing so. Though the bridge is build ahead of schedule over the next nine weeks, though Mahina, Patterson's foreman, was dragged away and killed by another man-eating lion that appeared, with Hawthorne explaining how he had eaten on him after his body was recovered. Hawthorne was later present at his hospital when Beaumont arrived, but said nothing. He was not seen again until later, when he asked who Charles Remington was after the legendary hunter ordered that a new hospital be built for the patient, afterwards listening to him explain why. Later that night, Hawthorne learned of Remington's past and exchanged weapons with Patterson, claiming his was more powerful. The next day, while Remignton, Patterson, and Samuel were hunting the lions, Hawthorne finished the new hospital. He and Samuel later received their orders from Remington for the night, but after the lions began to attack his new hospital, Hawthorne purposely disobeyed Remington and tried to help his patients, being killed along with them as an end result. Patterson later wounded the last lion with the weapon Hawthorn had earlier provided, which he claimed.

Skills Edit

Dr. Hawthorne was a capable medical pratictioner, able handle various diseases and surguries.

Personality Edit

Hawthorne was an atheist and openly mocked Chritianity. But he did have a somewhat brave side to him, going off on his own to try and kil the lions when they attacked his hospital, despite not having any help.