Kujaku is an anime-only character of the Naruto anime and one of the antagonists of the final pre-Shippuden filler arc, the Seimei Revival Arc. She was a kunoichi of the Village of Artisans and one of Hoki's men.

Background Edit

Kujaku was born in the Village of Artisans and grew into powerful kunoichi who was recruited by Hoki to help in the revival of Seimei, their village's founder, so that their village could rise and rule over all other shinobi lands. To this end, they decided to use the Hidden Sand Village's jinchuriki, Gaara's Tailed Beast.

Naruto Edit

Failed attempt to revive Seimei and death

Hoki and his men

Kujaku and her teammates scouting their target out.

Kujaku and her teammates arrived in the Hidden Sand, them dispatching most of the guards at the entrance, leaving one alive to issue their target, Gaara, their challenge, threatening they'd take one person close to him a day until he accepted. Later they located him with his student, Matsuri, who Kujaku called out to and told she'd have to come with them after he left, taking her hostage. When they stopped later, she confirmed Gaara and his siblings were following them and demanded to be allowed first crack at them. Using her Tempest Wind jutsu, she attacked the trio, with Temari blowing it away. Battling her while ehr brothers proceeded, Kujaku's special Double-Edged Sword and its wind powers allowed her to easily overwhelm all of Temari's efforts and nearly kill her, with back arriving from the Hidden Leaf in just enough time. When Hoki, her leader, sent his signal, Kujaku and her teammates used their Ninja Tool Barrier: Reverse Scale Formation to water down Gaara's sand and make it useless(though thsi aspect was later rendered officially non-canon in the manga). Shikamaru Nara and Ino Yamanaka then joined Temari to fight her, Kujaku managing to injure the latter, before being paralized by Shikamaru and prompted killed by Temari's Summoning: Blade Dance, which swept her into the air and dropped her dead body in the water nearby.

Personality Edit

Like her teammates, Kujaku was quite loyal in her own way to her village and desired to see it dominate all the other shinobi lands and villages. She seemed to enjoyed battle and quite arrogant about her skills, believing her opponents efforts to be in vain, which led to her demise, just like her teammates.

Powers, Abilities, and Skills Edit

Kujaku using her wind powers

Kujaku manipulating the wind with her swords.

Kujaku was a powerful and capable kunoichi, having been able to easily fight superiorly to, overwhelm, and nearly kill Temari, a skilled kunoichi in her own right from the Hidden Sand Village, even managing to stand her stand in a one-on-three fight against her, Shikamaru Nara, and Ino Yamanaka. She was skilled at weilding her Double-Edged Sword, which could divide in two, and with it she could manipulate the wind by administering only a tiny amount of her chakra, which the sword amplified tenfold.