Madara's War Fan

Madara Uchiha's giant war fan is his signature weapon that is also capable of acting as a shield. With it he can create chakra shields that are quite powerful, as well as absorb and turn the force of an enemie's own chakra-based attacks right back on them. Madara has weilded this trademark weapon all his life and is quite skilled at doing so, with the fan's incredibly sturdy make being quite surprising. How this war fan came to be is unknown, but its reasonable to assume that as its owner, Madara was the one who created it. After he died, his apprentice, Obito Uchiha, took possession of this weapon, but lacked the skill at using it that Madara had. After their reunion in the Fourth Great Ninja War, Obito returned the fan to Madara. During his rematch with Hashirama Senju, when Naruto Uzumaki joined their fight, the fan might have been destroyed by Naruto's giant Rasen Shuriken jutsu, thus relieving Madara of this great weapon.

Trivia Edit

This war fan was originally colored light yellow and the tomoe on it were red, yet in later colorations in the anime the fan was tinted darker and the tomoe were colored purple.