Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha, addressed by his servants as Lord Madara, is one of the main antagonists of the Naruto manga and anime series. He was a legendary shinobi who founded the Hidden Leaf Village in the Land of Fire with his rival and childhood best friend, Hashirama Senju, and led the Uchiha Clan.

Background Edit

Birth and Childhood

Madara Uchiha was born into the Uchiha Clan to its leader, Tajima Uchiha, during the era of permanent war that occured before the founding of the shinobi
Madara and Hashirama as children

Madara and Hashirama's first meeting.

villages. He had four brothers at one point, three of whom were killed by the Senju Clan, the rival clan to his own. As a child, Madara first met his rival, Hashirama Senju, by a river, them forming at rivalry stone skipping. The next time they met they each revealed they had lost brothers and struck up a connection while expressing similar views on how to get peace with one's enemies. From then on they began to meet regularly, training together and building their powers and skills, forming a close friendship doing so. One day, they discussed the notion of building a village where children would not have to be sent into battle, with Madara agreeing on the notion so he can watch over his last remaining, younger brother, Izuna. Their meetings were not bound to last, however, as their fathers
Madara first awakens his Sharingan

Madara first awakens his Sharingan.

each found out about their meetings and attempted to lay traps to kill them, with Madara and Hashirama warning each other on the day it was to happen. As they started to leave, their fathers and brothers confronted one another. In the ensuing fight, Madara and Hashirama stepped in and prevented their brothers from being killed, and Madara, siding with his clan, broke off his friendship with Hashirama and, awakening his Sharingan, revealed his surname to Hashirama, saying the next time they met would be in battle.

Years of conflict and founding the Hidden Leaf Village

For the following years, spanning all the way into their adulthood, Madara and Hashirama began to battle on a daily basis, him determined to kill his rival to erase him from their past. In this time period, they both became the leaders of their clans, with Madara awakening the Mangekyo Sharingan with his brother. During one of these battles, while Madara and Hashirama were evenly matched as always, Tobirama, Hashirama's brother, fatally wounded Izuna. Rushing to his side, Madara was approached by Hashirama about accepting a truce between their clans. Though he began to think it over, Madara refused at Izuna's suggestion and fled with his dying brother. Izuna died later, but left to Madara his eyes, which he transplanted, awakening the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and carrying the promise he would use the power to protect the Uchiha clan, who had by this point lost faith in Madara, some even allying with the Senju. Enraged by the death of his brother, Madara confronted Hashirama and the rest of the Senju clan one day and engaged them in battle after declaring there would never be peace between them. However, after a full day and night of combat, Madara finally collapsed of exhaustion, with Hashirama preventing Tobirama from killing him. Repeating his offer of a truce between their clans, Madara refused on the grounds that he still had a sibling, while Madara had lost all his, telling him to either kill himself or his brother to wipe the slate clean between them. When Hashirama resolved to kill himself and ordered Tobirama not to kill him
Madara and Hashirama form an alliance

The founding of the Hidden Leaf.

afterwards, Madara caught his hand, accepting his resolve as sincere, and willingly accepted the truce. Shortly thereafter, their alliance formed a pact with the Land of Fire, who needed help controlling their territory, which allowed Madara and Hashirama to found the village they had discussed as children. After they had completed its construction, Hashirama stated he wanted him to become the First Hokage, who would look after the village. When asked if he had a name idea, Madara promptly named it the "Hidden Leaf Village".

Defection, Treason, and Defeat

Madara confronts Kurama

Madara confronts Kurama.

Just like when they were kids, however, Madara and Hashirama's friendship was not bound to last. After overhearing Tobirama's negative opinions towards the Uchiha and that all the village, including his own people, viewed Madara as not being one of the founders, he began to doubt the worth of this new village. After Hashirama was chosen by popular vote as the First Hokage and he found out the truths of the past from reading the Uchiha Stone Tablet, Madara told his rival he would now leave the village to pursue his own dream, which Hashirama could not take part in. Though this dream was to create world peace through his own means, Madara's hatred and vengeful desire caused him to start attacking the Hidden Leaf Village in revenge for his unfair treatment, betraying it and, after a number of assaults, forcing Hashirama to take action against him. Before confronting his old rival, Madara sought out
Madara vs. Hashirama Final Valley

Madara and Hashirama clashing.

Kurama, the strongest of the demonic tailed beasts, and subdued him with his Sharingan as a weapon to use against Hashirama. Meeting the Hokage face to face, Madara evened him in physical capability, summoning Kurama as Hashirama used an immense Wood Style technique. Launching a Tailed Beast Bomb that exploded as it was redirected, Madara used the opportunity to clad Kurama in his Perfect Susano'o, which allowed him to combine another with his Susano'o's katana for a combination attack on Hashirama, which he barely diverted. After refusing to let Hashirama talk him down, the latter entered Sage Mode and summoned his strongest Wood Style technique to combat Madara, who countered its attack by continuing to use his combination attack from before on a multiplied scale. However, Hashirama's attack still penetrated
Valley of the End

The Final Valley, adorned with the statues of Madara and Hashirama.

the defense of the Perfect Susano'o, allowing him to knock Kurama unconscious. They then battled directly well into the night, leaving both badly battered and exhausted, Madara being forced to deactivate his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and Hashirama forced from Sage Mode. Though he seemingly won after a final dash attack, Madara was impaled through the chest from behind by Hashirama, who had switched with a wood clone. Hearing him delcare he'd strike down any threat to his village, no matter who they were, Madara acknowledged Hashirama had changed before he seemed to drop dead. The surrounding landscape had been left tremendously damaged from this battle, with a huge chasm, and immense waterfall and river forming a whole new valley that came to be called the "Final Valley". Here, two statues of Madara and Hashirama were built facing each other in battle poses, symbolizing their undying rivalry.

Final years and Death

Despite the common belief of his demise at the Final Valley, Madara survived by rigging his Izanagi to activate and revive him should he be defeated and killed, and went into hiding with some of Hashirama's DNA that he used to seal his wounds, thus granting him access to the Wood Style kekkei genkai. He spent the following decades mastering it and planning Project Tsuki no Me, a plan by which he would cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi on the world and put it into an eternal sleep by which their would only be peace and everyone would be united as one. When he was nearing death, as a result of having transplanted Hashirama's DNA, Madara randomly awakened the Rinnegan, the dojutsu of his ancestor, the Sage of Six Paths, which restored the vision in the eye that had been left blinded by his Izanagi and allowed him to summon the Gedo Statue, the empty shell of the original tailed beast, the Ten-Tails, which allowed him to live on further after he used Hashirama's cells to connect him to it. After this, Madara, through unknown means, transplanted his eyes into a young boy from the Uzumaki Clan(Hashirama's wife, Mito's clan) and
Madara and Obito first meet

Madara's first meeting with Obito.

implanted a spare Sharingan into his left eye. During the Third Great Ninja War, Madara saved the life of a young Uchiha named Obito, who he told would have to repay his debt slowly. Though he left as soon as he could, Madara told Obito he'd be back one day, which proved correct thanks to him arranging a plan that involved having Obito's beloved Rin Nohara killed(which happened, but in slightly different a manner than Madara had planned), and he taught him about Project Tsuki no Me and the truth of the past of the Sage of Six Paths, as well as taking him on as an apprentice. After teaching Obito most of his skills and knowledge, Madara severed the tendrils on his back connecting him to the Gedo Statue and told Obito to live under his name and revive him when the time was right to fulfill their plans as he died.

Naruto Edit


Madara revived by Kabuto

Madara reanimated as an undead.

As he intended to ally with Madara's apprentice, Obito, the leader of the criminal organization called the Akatsuki, Kabuto Yakushi, a major antagonist of the series, managed to find Madara's remains and collect a DNA sample of his to allow him to reanimate Madara as an undead should the need arise. Upon confronting Obito, Kabuto performed this act and used Madara, reanimated in his prime, as blackmail for Obito to ally with him for the Fourth Great Ninja War, a ploy which worked perfectly given Obito was posing as Madara at the time and shocked by this, and their alliance was formed.

Joining the war

After the war had gotten started and he'd lost so many other revived shinobi, Kabuto had Mu, the reanimated Second Tsuchikage, summon Madara to the battlefield. After he woke up and broke out of his coffin, Madara believed he had been revived by the Rinne Rebirth jutsu, but was informed by Mu it was instead the Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation that had brought him back. Shocked by this, Madara and him
Madara and Mu confront the Fourth Division

Madara arrives on the battlefield.

confronted the Fourth Company of the Allied Shinobi Forces, which Madara guessed the Five Great Nations' hidden villages had formed. Wondering who had brought him back this way, Kabuto took control of Mu and talked with Madara, requesting him to show his legendary power. Confronting the army, Madara began to easily kill many of them without effort, before eventually being resisted against by Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage, Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, and Naruto Uzumaki, the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama. Madara easily bested their efforts with his Sharingan and Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, using his genjutsu and Susano'o, and proceeded to battle and kill more shinobi. After Naruto entered Sage Mode, Gaara used his sand powers to grab Madara from within his defence and drag him out of it so Naruto could throw his Rasen Shuriken jutsu at him. Madara, however, countered this by activating his Rinnegan and absorbing the jutsu. Rejoining Kabuto, Madara stated he awoke these eyes just before he died and, after further conversation, told him not to misunderstand about creating these powers, as they were Madara's creation. He then summoned a meteorite, much to the horror of the Fourth Company. Though Onoki and Gaara managed to catch it, Madara, recognizing the Tsuchikage, collided another into it, destroying most of what remained of the army and nearly killing Onoki. After reforming, Madara was pleased by the sight of the destruction he'd caused.

Battle with the Five Kage and victory

By this time, the truth about Madara had become known the the head of the Allied Shinobi Forces, and upon discovering the results of Madara's attack, A, the Fourth Raikage and leader of the alliance, and Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, made arrangements to be teleported to the battlefield, as did Mei Terumi, the Fifth Mizukage. Meanwhile, back where Madara was, Onoki declared he would defeat him after they conversed about their past encounter and the shape of the shinobi world. Madara and Mu attacked, but were repelled by A and Tsunade as they arrived, with Mei quickly being teleported there as well, uniting the Five Kage against Madara. Despite then being faced by five of the strongest shinobi in the world together, Madara looked with favor on this as a surprise and declared that anything less would not be an adequate challenge, while telepathically ordering his servant, Black Zetsu, to go to where his apprentice was and await his next order. A and Mei attacked him together while Tsunade healed Onoki and Gaara, but Madara was able to guard and counter their attacks easily with
Madara assaults the five Kage

Madara vs. the Five Kage.

Susano'o. Attacking the Kage with his Yasaka Beads jutsu, Madara praised Gaara and Onoki's combined defense against it and smashed through it, only to have his vision clouded by Mei's Water Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu, which allowed A and Onoki to work together to smash through Susano'o and repel Madara. Despite seeming to have lost the upper hand, Madara used his Wood Style: Deep Forest Bloom technique to combat and distract the Kage, allowing him to overpower them from behind with Susano'o. After they passed out from the pollen in his jutsu, Madara set the forest ablaze to try and kill them, only for Onoki to force himself awake and destroy the forest flowers. Madara also allowed him to expose a face formed on his chest from his rival, the First Hokage Hashirama Senju's DNA. Conversing with Tsunade on being his granddaughter, Madara declared he'd kill her first for that, considering her a weak woman and to be an insult to her clan's great name. After further conversation on the subject of power and will, Madara was attacked by Tsunade after she fully activated her Reserve
Madara impales Tsunade

Madara impales Tsunade.

Seal's power, her managing to fracture his Susano'o and then destroy it by tag-teaming him with A. Admitting his misjudgement of her, Madara conversed with her further that only hate can be passed down. Though she seemingly struck him hard enough to allow Gaara to seal him, Madara stabbed her through the abdomen from below and revealed they had only sealed a wood clone he'd switched with to fool them.

Though she survived and tried to attack him after breaking the blade, Madara blocked and repelled her into a boulder, and absorbed Onoki's Particle Style when he launched it from behind. After further conversation with Mei and Tsunade about the reason for the current odds, Madara created 25 wood clones and sent five to each Kage, asking them if they wanted them to use Susano'o or not, and making them do so. Watching into the night as the Kage were progressively overwhelmed by the clones, Madara recognized Onoki as the main threat of the Kage after he saved A from certain death. The Kage then gathered together and unleashed a combined attack, which destroyed his clones and Madara himself partially. Before he could regenerate, Mei and A attacked Madara with a Lightning Style-enhanced Water Dragon Jutsu, that had Gaara's sand mixed in it and which then started to restrain him for
Madara's full strength

Madara unleashes his full power.

sealing after he started to absorb the attack. Acknowledging the Kage's might, Madara released his Perfect Susano'o and overpowered their efforts. To display how utterly futile their fighting him has been, Madara destroyed the remains of the meteorites he summoned earlier, as well as cut two mountains into half with one swing of its katana, leaving the Kage in awe and terror. Before he could finish them, the effects of the Reanimation's release hit Madara and caused his Susano'o to vanish. Realizing this, Madara cancelled his summoning contract with the technique after resisting its release, telling the Kage that was the Reanimation's one weakness. Now bored with this fight and unwilling to use Perfect Susano'o again, Madara decided to go get back Kurama, only for the Kage to try and keep him from leaving. Disgusted, Madara then proceeded to defeat the Five Kage, leaving them critically wounded and barely alive, thus winning the fight and leaving to find Obito.

Reunion with Obito, Betrayal, and Resurrection

Arriving on the battlefield where his apprentice was, much to the shock of Naruto and the
Madara joins his apprentice

Madara joins Obito.

other shinobi fighting Obito, Madara asked him where the real Naruto was and informed Naruto that the Kage were "not doing so well" when he asked. After Obito tossed over his war fan, Madara blocked a forward attack from Naruto and dispatched his shadow clone without trouble, before deciding to capture the Eight and Nine-Tails himself to ensure the Ten-Tails would be complete upon revival and ordering Obito to take down Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy. Overwhelming Killer B, the Eight-Tails host, and Might Guy, Madara faced Naruto directly and used Hashirama's Wood Dragon Jutsu to bind and absorb the latter's Nine-Tails transformation. Restraining Might Guy and B with Wood Style too, Madara was stopped from killing the former by Naruto, allowing Guy to strike and repel him his
 Hirudora attack. After the Ten-Tails revived incompletely,
Madara and Obito faced by the Allied Shinobi Forces

Madara and Obito facing the alliance remains

Madara and Obito jump onto its head and linked themselves to it to attain control over it. Despite the resisting efforts of their opponents, the Ten-Tails was able to overwhelm them easily, with what remained of the Allied Shinobi Forces quickly arriving to help Naruto and the others out. Lead by Shikaku Nara at the Allied Shinobi Forces HQ, the alliance managed to cleverely bind the Ten-Tails, but it managed to easily break free under Madara and Obito's control after transforming, and repel their attackers. Afterwards, Madara and Obito proceeded to blast off Tailed Beast Bombs over a wide radius, destroying the Allied HQ and killing Shikaku and the others with him. Allowing Obito to decide their next course of action after a hateful statement, Madara was later pleased to see how much like him he'd become. 
After Naruto shared his Nine-Tails chakra with the rest of the alliance and they got the upper hand, Madara
Madara and Obito severed from the Ten-Tails

Madara and obito separated from the Ten-Tails.

lent Obito a hand and gave the Ten-Tails more chakra, but they were both disconnected from the beast by Naruto and Rock Lee and forced to retreat to the ground nonetheless. Continuing to battle the alliance, Madara later sensed the chakra of his rival, Hashirama, in the distance, becoming delighted for the chance to battle him again. Deciding to wrap things up in a hurry after Naruto saved everyone from the Ten-Tails' Cataclysm jutsu, Madara lamented that he'd lose his entertainment when the Ten-Tails unleashed the giant Tailed Beast Bomb it had prepared.

Madara attempts to revive himself

Madara's first attempt at resurrection.

However, the attack was countered by Minato Namikaze, the reanimated Fourth Hokage, as he arrived and teleported it away, with Madara's excitment boiling over when Hashirama himself arrived. But the latter decided to deal with the Ten-Tails first, to his annoyance. After more reinforcements arrived, Madara stood by unwilling to fight against just a wood clone of Hashirama, which he destroyed anyway. After Obito arrived back on the battlefield fatally injured by Kakashi, Madara attempted to force him to revive him with the Rinne Rebirth jutsu, which was thwarted by Minato. Afterwards, when Obito absorbed the Ten-Tails and began to overwhelm the Kage, Madara confronted Hashirama and kept him busy all the while. After Obito decided to activate the Infinite Tsukuyomi and released the Ten-Tails in its last form, Madara and Hashirama continued to dodge the Shinju's limbs, him explaining the story of its history with the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, and his mother, Kaguya, as well as revealing Obito would cast the Inifinite Tsukuyomi within 15 minutes, and that he'd take him down and do it himself before then. They continued to battle evenly for quite a while afterwards. 
After Obito had finally been defeated and stripped
Madara Revived

Madara finally resurrected.

of the Tailed Beasts, Naruto joined their fight and threw a giant version of his Rasen Shuriken jutsu at him, Hashirama restraining Madara with Wood Style to keep him from absorbing it, albeit Madara driving chakra receiver rods through his pressure points and defeating him beforehand. Not only did the attack not defeat him, Madara made use of his trump card by having Black Zetsu seize and control the weakened Obito to use the Rinne Rebirth jutsu to fully resurrect him, allowing him access to his full potential and to break free from Hashirama's restraints, delighted to be alive again.

Final battle and Demise

Despite now being back to full power, Madara's undead eyes crumbled out of his head as he'd given his own to Nagato and Obito had taken his spare left eye after he died. Nevertheless, Madara proved more than a match for Sasuke Uchiha, another user of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, besting him, Naruto, and Sai, a sealer shinobi, as well as stealing Hashirama's remaining Sage Jutsu chakra, before confronting the rest of the Tailed Beasts. Deciding to capture them now, Madara was overwhelmed at first and took quite a beating, losing his right arm, especially after Naruto and Killer B joined the battle. However, after a White Zetsu clone arrived and returned his right Rinnegan to him, as well as a replacement arm, Madara swiftly turned the tide of the fight. Despite strong resistance from Gaara and Shukaku, he defeated all of them in two moves, sealing all nine beasts within the Gedo Statue again and leaving Naruto and Killer B incapacitated. Quickly, Tobirama Senju arrived and tried to attack him, but Madara easily defeated and disabled him in the same way he had Hashirama. Though he explained the nature of his Project Tsuki no Me, Madara was glad to finally do this to the Senju for killing his brother. When Sasuke tried to attack from above, Madara easily defeated him too by halting him mid-air and impaling him through the chest with his own sword. After the Ten-Tails revived again, this time more completely, Madara absorbed the monster into himself, becoming its new jinchuriki, and decided to go and get back his left eye, arriving where Black Zetsu was after discarding a couple of the Treasured Tools of the Six Paths. Although he conversed with Obito in attempt to get him to join his side and overwhelmed any resistance, Madara's apprentice only betrayed him in turn, stealing away some of his, Shukaku, and Gyuki's chakra, before making it into his Kamui demension with Kakashi's help. Though Might Guy arrived to fight him and used seven of the Eight Inner Gates to do so, Madara easily overwhelmed and nearly killed him with little effort, forcing Guy to resort to the fatal 8th gate to fight him, which only managed to deal minor injuries to Madara. In finishing his battle with Guy, Madara was critically wounded by his last attack, he himself declaring Guy's attack almost killed him, but he regenerated his injuries in seconds before Naruto and Sasuke both arrived back, with Naruto gaining Six Paths Sage Jutsu and Sasuke acquiring the Rinnegan, the two powers Madara possessed himself. After absorbing the Divine Tree, Madara fought superiorly to them as, even though they were managing to land blows on him, with Sasuke even bisecting him, their efforts were futile as they didn't even slow him down. In the process, Madara stole Kakashi's Sharingan and using it to follow Obito to get his left Rinnegan back. Revealing to Obito that he was behind all that happened to Rin Nohara around the time she died, Madara reclaimed his left eye and returned outside with Black Zetsu, fighting superiorly to Team Seven, before activating the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Successfully trapping most of the world in the genjutsu, with the exception of Team 7, shielded by Sasuke's Susanoo, and the reanimated Hokage. Madara landed to finish Team Seven, only to be betrayed by Black Zetsu, who stabbed Madara through from behind with his hand. Learning from his former ally that it had been his ancestor, Kaguya Otsutsuki's will, that had created him and not his, Madara could nothing as Black Zetsu proceeded to revive Kaguya in his body by merging with him after having him take in a massive amount of chakra from the Infinite Tsukuyomi's victims. After the combined efforts of Team Seven , at the cost of Obito's life, eventually did manage to seal Kaguya and Black Zetsu, removing her essence as well as the Tailed Beasts and Gedo Statue from his body, a dying Madara was spat out by one of the Tailed Beasts. After a final talk with Hashirama about their shared dream of world peace, Madara admitted to the superiority of Hashirama's methods for peace, sad and depressed at the failure of his own. Upon being forgiven by Hashirama, who told him that he still, unto the very end, thought of them as comrades in arms, Madara died with peace of mind, using his last breath to express pleasure with the reconciliation as he passed on into the afterlife.

Personality Edit

As a child, Madara was a very kind, competitive, short-tempered boy prone to outbursts when things annoyed him. He was also alike to his rival Hashirama, as both thought that to get peace, allying with one's enemies was necessary. When they met, they formed a rivalry, but grew close over time, training together and even warning each other of the traps their fathers had set for them. Madara also, even as a child, having lost his three other brothers, was very protective of his younger brother, Izuna, and felt loyalty to his clan above all else, as he severed his friendship with Hashirama and chose his family over him in the end. As an adult, Madara became a very prideful, confident, calm, and serious man, who took his responsibility as leader of the Uchiha Clan very seriously. Before Izuna died, Madara's strong relationship with him was shown when the latter gave him his eyes as a parting gift for Madara to protect the Uchiha clan, which he promised to do, even though the clan itself turned on him. It was at his suggestion that Madara refused to accept a truce with the Senju that Hashirama offered, and because of Izuna's death, Madara became spiteful and refused again because Hashirama still had a sibling and he didn't. However, the good in Madara was still there and he accepted the truce when Hashirama resolved to kill himself to wipe the slate clean between them, and they rekindled their friendship for a time, founding the Hidden Leaf Village. However, discrimination from everyone else in the village besides Hashirama, coppled with his despair upon learning the truth of the past of his ancestor, the Sage of Six Paths, made Madara believe humanity was cursed to do battle forever. 

With this, Madara decided to pursue a new dream of creating world peace, but at this point he also became very vengeful and, consumed with hate, began to assault the Hidden Leaf in return for his unfair treatment, which eventually led to his fated defeat by Hashirama at the Final Valley. Though these feelings never left him, Madara devoted all his time after this point into creating Protect Tsuki no Me, which he designed because he genuinely wanted world peace and wanted to lift the curse on humanity he thought was there by using the Ten-Tails and Infinite Tsukuyomi to join together humanity by placing them in an eternal sleep where there would be only happiness and where no one would have lost anything they loved. For and to this plan and the sake of its success, Madara was entirely devoted, even adopting Hashirama's resolve regarding the Hidden Leaf to strike down all threats, showing no mercy to those that dared to opposed him, even if they were family, should they refuse to back down after a first warning. At the same time, Madara showed a continued love of his clan, as he tried to fulfill his plan while also trying to ally with and keep his clansmen by his side, shown in his approach of Sasuke and Obito as allies, despite the former trying to kill him and his own betrayal of the latter, only reluctantly facing them as enemies when they refused him. Despite this showing his regret of some of the evil deeds he'd done to achieve it, Madara's conviction to Project Tsuki no Me's overall justice was such that he adamantly defended it, openly and devoutly believing he'd done a good deed and created Heaven on Earth when he completed it, and insisted Naruto had no right to interfere with everyone's happiness when he called Project Tsuki no Me a big lie. His ultimate failure to create and lead the way to world peace with his plan thanks to Black Zetsu's betrayal of him left Madara deeply depressed and saddened in his last moments of life, but didn't keep him from acknowledging the superiority of Hashirama's methods for peace(albeit still refusing even with his last breath to admit that his were wrong), and Madara was able to die with peace of mind after Hashirama forgave him, glad to rekindle their friendship after all that happened prior. In the end, despite all his faults, Madara still had good in him and was in some, if not all, ways a victim of the times he was born and lived in.

Other traits of Madara's personality include that he was a very battle-loving warrior, who liked to prolong fights if they were enjoyable, but ended them quickly and brutally if his opponents were weak or boring, or if he grew bored and they tried to force him to continue, a trait shown in his victory over the Five Kage. Despite this, he was very merciful and pitying, using no more power than necessary to fight an opponent. As he valued power above all else and had so much of his own, Madara, well aware of his prodigious talents, didn't waist any time in bluntly telling others when they were weaker than him and would belittle them if they continued to defy him. He was, however, also very honorable and honest, and if someone should disprove him to any measure, he'd admit he was wrong, apologize for previous remarks if necessary, and not allow his enemies to suffer a prolonged, painful demise if he could help it should he get the advantage over them. Another example of his mercy was how he went so easy on Second Tsuchikage Mu and Third Tsuchikage Onoki in his battle with them, decades later claiming he did so because in his eyes the two future Tsuchikage were children, which he didn't believe in fighting seriously against. Despite the mercy he'd show at times, Madara would act ruthlessly to accomplish his means if he felt it necessary, as he planned willingly to have an innocent young woman Obito admired killed in order to help make him lose faith in the current shinobi world and manipulate him to become his pawn.

Powers, Abilities, and Skills Edit


Madara halves two mountains with Perfect Susano'o.

As one of the founders of the Hidden Leaf Village and the strongest member of the Uchiha clan, Madara was an extraordinarily powerful shinobi, the second strongest of his time, being inferior only to his rival, Hashirama Senju, and was one of the most powerful shinobi in history. Being one of the Big Three, Madara was one of the most powerful characters in the series. Multiple characters notable for their own remarkable abilities have openly praised Madara's superiority, saying he possessed enough power and skill to make anything happen. Even as a child and before he'd awakened his Sharingan, Madara had been able to kill many older and much more experienced shinobi from the Senju clan, something its leader openly took note of, praising him as a skilled prodigy among shinobi. As an adult, Madara's power was so great he could fight and survive against Hashirama every time they fought, largely equaling his rival all the while. He was even able to single-handedly fight him and the entire Senju clan by himself for a full day and night
Madara Uchiha destroys six moutains while fighting Hashirama with Susanoo-clad Kurama

The battle at the Final Valley.

without actually being defeated. Madara was also able to easily defeat Mu and Onoki, the men who went on to become the Second and Third Tsuchikage, together with little effort and without receiving any damage, despite the battle being intense enough to leave the surrounding area in ruin. The battle between himself and Hashirama after his defection was so devastating that an entire valley was created, with Madara evening his rival for most of the fight and forcing him to strike from behind to defeat him, though this may have resulted from Hashirama's holding back to reason with Madara.

Overall, Madara's legendary power and fame were so great that the very idea that his masked apprentice, Obito Uchiha, could possibly be him proved enough to compel the Five Great Nations and the usually neutral Land of Iron to form an alliance to fight the Akatsuki after Obito declared the Fourth Great Ninja War. During the war, when Madara himself appeared as a reanimation and proved Obito's deceit, the Fourth Company of the Allied Shinobi Forces, an army of thousands, became terrified upon encountering the legendary Uchiha on the battlefield, with his very presence itself being menacing enough to prompt the Five Kage to confront him together for fear he'd be unstoppable otherwise. Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage, even before this openly likened Madara's power to a god upon witnessing his incredible might. Even as a reanimated undead, wherein he lacked his full potential, Madara's powers were still so unnaturally immense that he was able to easily destroy almost all the Fourth Company with just one jutsu, and fight on even terms with and overwhelm the Five Kage in unison more than once, nearly killing most of them in the process, while fighting with less than half his full strength, even going so far as to declare he considered his fight with them to be a game. It was only after they unleashed their full power as a group that Madara was caught off-guard and deemed them worthy to see his full power, which instantly overwhelmed the best of their
Five Kage defeated by Madara

The Five Kage after Madara defeated them.

combined efforts and left the Kage in a state of awe-stricken terror. At this point, Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, openly admitted the power difference between them and Madara was massive, and she questioned how the First Hokage had really defeated such an opponent as him in the past when all Five Kage together couldn't do the same in the present. In the end, despite Madara imposing extreme restriction upon himself, he single-handedly defeated and nearly killed the Five Kage, who only survived their injuries thanks to Orochimaru.

Despite declaring previously that he felt sure Hashirama would still be able to stop him even now, during their rematch in the Fourth Great Ninja War Madara was able to, while both were reanimations, fight evenly against and eventually defeat his old rival, making use of his Rinnegan's abilities to disable Hashirama with chakra receiver rods and deprive the mighty Hokage of immense powers. Upon his resurrection and regain of his full potential, Madara was able to, despite being blinded at the time, go up against all the Tailed Beasts at once and stand his ground against them and, after having his right Rinnegan returned to him, managed to easily defeat all nine of them and seal them without trouble. Along with them, he at the same time also defeated Naruto and Killer B, two perfect jinchuriki, and went on to easily defeat both Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage, who he also deprived of his powers, and Sasuke Uchiha, a fellow Uchiha and user of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, all without using even a quarter of his full strength. After becoming the Ten-Tails jinchuriki and gaining perfect mastery of the beast(which happened instantly upon his absorbing it), Madara's already god-like power increased enormously, to the point of easily overwhelming and repelling three Kage-level opponents in just a few seconds, despite them using perfectly-timed assaults that included Sage Mode attacks and Mangekyo Sharingan. At this point, Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, contemplated Madara was even stronger as the Ten-Tails jinchuriki than his apprentice, Obito Uchiha, had been. In legacy, Madara was one of the most powerful shinobi and fighters ever to have lived, inferior in the end only to the Sage of Six Paths and his mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki, and the only one ever to achieve victory over him in battle was Hashirama Senju.

Visual powers

One of Madara's most prominent sources of power and arguably his most fearsome traits were the visual prowesses of his various dojutsu kekkei genkai(bloodline traits), which included the Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Rinne-Sharingan. Each of these dojutsu(eye techniques) possess certain, special abilities that granted Madara unique powers. They are listed below.

Madara's Sharingan

Madara's Sharingan.

The Sharingan, the weakest of Madara's dojutsu, which allowed him to see chakra, predict his opponents' moves, copy enemy techniques(excluding kekkei genkai) if he wanted, and weild very powerful genjutsu(illussion techniques). His skill with genjutsu was so great he could subdue and control even a Tailed Beast like Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, with great ease and weild paralysis genjutsu instantly as well, which led Onoki to openly warn others not to look at Madara's eyes whilst fighting him. Madara could use his Sharingan in combination with various methods to devastate his enemies, with many not even having the time they needed to react.

Madara's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

Madara's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, the third strongest of Madara's dojutsu, which granted him access to some of his most powerful jutsu. With this, he could do everything he could with the Sharingan on an even greater degree of skill, as well as access techniques with near-godlike power. Among other things, he could use the Amaterasu, the most powerful fire technique, which creates black flames nearly impossible to block or dodge, and the Tsukuyomi, one of the most powerful genjutsu in existence, which allowed Madara to paralyze victims and mentally torture them, though neither of these jutsu were shown individually by him. The mightiest technique this dojutsu grants him is Susano'o, which was both one Madara's greatest defensive abilities and one of his greatest weapons altogether. His Susano'o was the most powerful one seen in the series to date, equalled maybe by only Sasuke Uchiha's, and its defensive abilities were impressive, even at its lowest development. In fact, neither the Fourth Raikage's massive strength, augmented by his Lighting Style Armor, or Naruto Uzumaki's Massive Rasengan managed to do it any harm at even its rib cage state. Madara's mightiest form of Susano'o is the Perfect Susano'o, which is
Madara's Perfect Susanoo

Madara's Perfect Susano'o.

a Tailed Beast-sized ethereal warrior easily as tall as a skyscraper. This Susano'o's power was extraordinary, able to easily bisect six mountains in one swing. Even when it lacked its full power when Madara was an undead, this Susano'o was still strong enough to destroy the remains of his giant, mountain-sized meteorites and bisect two mountains still in one swing. This proved Madara's statement that this Susano'o had power equal to a Tailed Beast, and he stated it is his full strength. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, after his resurrection and regain of his right Rinnegan, Madara ripped Kakashi Hatake's left eye, a Mangekyo Sharingan, out and breifly put it in his own left socket, gaining access to his Kamui jutsu, which he could use with the same ease, though he discarded it quickly and gave it to his servant, Black Zetsu after regaining his left Rinnegan.

Madara's Rinnegan

Madara's Rinnegan.

The Rinnegan, Madara's second strongest dojutsu, which granted him access to the powers of his ancestor, the Sage of Six Paths. Although he mostly displayed absorbing jutsu, Madara can use any of these powers as well with this dojutsu; mind reading and soul removal, attraction and repulsion, mechanical generation and manipulation, special summoning jutsu, and reviving the dead. The Rinnegan also granted Madara the potential to master all five chakra nature elements, which he did. Although he didn't appear able access most of his other visual powers while using this dojutsu, Madara could still use all his forms of Susano'o while the Rinnegan was active, with one of his abilities of such being he could combine their use and summon giant meteorites from the atmosphere. It was this ability that caused Gaara to liken Madara's power to a god's. Having the Rinnegan also allowed Madara to summon the Ten-Tails' vessel, the Gedo Statue. He was also able to generate and control chakra receiver rods from his body, allowing him to disable and render foes powerless. When he defeated Sasuke Uchiha, Madara also showed to be able to telekinetically suspend opponents midair. He could use Shadow and Light Style chakra to create genetically-related servants from Hashriama Senju's DNA as well, calling them White and Black Zetsu, though the former was actually made through his ancestor, Kaguya's will, and not his. After getting back his right Rinnegan after his resurrection, Madara was also able to produce a shadow version of himself which is normally invisible and not possible to sense, and which he can switch places with in an invisible space for fixed amounts of time. This shadow version of himself gave him an extremely powerful ally which can guard him from attacks if he should be off-guard and which shared any damage it took with Madara, though only attacks with the Sage of Six Paths' chakra were able to harm it, with only those who possess that or the Rinnegan being able to see or sense the shadow's presence. It was able to easily repel and stun the all nine Tailed Beasts with single attacks. After regaining both of his Rinnegan after his resurrection, Madara could use this ability to a much greater level, creating sixteen shadow versions instead of one. He also became able to use the Planetary Devastation jutsu on a multiplied scale, with most of his creations being even bigger than the ones Nagato Uzumaki could create. As their rightful owner, Madara's power with these Rinnegan eyes was overall vastly superior to Nagato and its likely only the Sage of Six Paths himself had greater mastery of this dojutsu than Madara himself did.

Madara's Rinne Sharingan

Madara's Rinne-Sharingan.

The Rinne-Sharingan, the one and only Kekkei Mora and the greatest of Madara's dojutsu, which he awakened on his forehead by flying close to the moon after becoming the Ten-Tails jinchuriki and regaining of both his Rinnegan. It possesses the powers of both the Rinnegan and Sharingan all in one as well as other abilities such as allowing its user to teleport themselves and others to alternate dimensions, though Madara himself never used this ability. This dojutsu is the most powerful one in existence and is able to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi, the most powerful genjutsu in existence which is almost impossible to avoid and which can only be countered by the combined efforts of both the Rinnegan and the chakra of all nine Tailed Beasts.

Elemental powers

Madara's Fire Release

Madara using Fire Style.

Madara was extremely skilled in elemental chakra jutsu, having mastery of all elements. As an Uchiha, he was a natural master of the Fire Style, being the most powerful known member of his clan with this element. He was able to use the largest, most powerful, and wide-range fire attacks an Uchiha has been shown using with Fire Style, able to incinerate large groups of people or large areas with no trouble. The power and size of his Fire Style: Majestic Destroyer Flame was such that several Water Style users had to combine their efforts to be able to counter it. His Fire Style: Dragon Flame Caterwaul was hot enough to cause Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, severe burns, even though she was using her Reserve Seal's full strength regeneration when she was hit. In the anime, he was able to create a barrage of fireballs that could rain down on their target with deadly accuracy. Madara was also doubtlessly able to use the Uchiha Clan's Fireball Jutsu, its coming-of-age technique. After his fight with Hashirama at the Final Valley, Madara gained access to his Wood Style kekkei genkai through his DNA, which he mastered to a similar level. With it, Madara could use Hashirama's Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergence to instantly create huge, very powerful trees to attack an enemy with, and Wood Style: Deep Forest Bloom to grow a huge forest with flowers whose pollen can render a foe unconscious if inhaled. This
Madara's Wood Release

Madara using Wood Style.

technique was also powerful enough to counter and destroy Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage's giant Stone Gollem while it was just forming. Madara can also make use of Hashirama's Wood Dragon jutsu, which was able to easily overwhelm and defeat Naruto's Kurama transformation. Using his mastery of Wood Style, Madara could also create an army of wood clones that were as strong as him to overwhelm enemies by having them use Susano'o. Given his mastery of Wood Style, Madara was also a master of Earth and Water Style, the elements that make it up, though he never used them individually. An anime OVA also showed Madara being able to use Wind Style though his signature war fan to repel enemies with powerful wind gusts. In his jinchuriki form, he also showed the ability to use Lightning Style and the kekkei genkai called Gale Style, needing few to no hand signs for either as usual. Perhaps most crucial to his cause, Madara could also use the Divine: Deep Forest Emergence jutsu to manipulate the Divine Tree's roots to encompass the world and bind anyone caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi after his cast it.

Tailed Beast powers

Madara Jinchuriki anime

Madara's initial Ten-Tails jinchuriki form.

After again reviving the Ten-Tails after his own resurrection, Madara absorbed the beast into himself, causing his body to undergo a great transformation into his final jinchuriki form; his hair turned white, and he gained chakra-made clothing and a horned headband that gave him an appearance similar to his mighty ancestor, the Sage of Six Paths. In this form, his perfect mastery of the Ten-Tails allowed him to apply his perfect mastery of Shadow and Light Style to the use of its chakra to nullify all ninjutsu-based attacks that were used against him, as well as thwart pure chakra attacks both by forming it into a black staff and an oval of balls which could be thrown a distance of 70 meters or form a protective sphere around him to guard most attacks. Only the Mangekyo Sharingan jutsu Kamui could counter this defensive measure. Taking on this transformation massively enhanced his physical strength, speed, and reflexes, to the point that even Sage Mode-enhanced Transportation Jutsu failed to outpace him, and he cut off Minato Namikaze's Sage Mode arm and knocked him into Gaara with one kick effortlessly while also stopping Kakashi Hatake's attempted use of Kamui, all in a few seconds. He also gained the ability to fly at great speeds and hover in the air, and his regenerative powers were massively enhanced, completely healing and surviving wounds that would kill anyone else almost instantly. Madara
Madara after absorbing the Shinju's shell

Madara's altered form after absorbing the Shinju.

even claimed, after absorbing the Shinju's shell form released and left behind by Obito(which caused his appearance to change slightly, gaining tomoe patterns around the edges of his cloak and sleeve cuffs, and longer horns of his headband, which also then covered the Rinne-Sharingan on his forehead), that he had become completely immortal as the Ten-Tails' jinchuriki. Even before absorbing the Shinju shell, his durability and endurance were shown to be incredibly immense, as shown in his battle with Might Guy wherein, after easily overwhelming his use of seven of the Eight Inner Gates and his Hirudora jutsu in one move, he was able to take several direct hits from Guy's Eight Inner Gates Battle Formation and receive only minor injuries, and when Guy's final, strongest jutsu, Moonlight Dragon, did critically wound Madara, he simply laughed it off and regenerated all the damage done to him instantly, showing little sign of pain and only great fatigue, with the battle overall having been an even one. After absorbing the Shinju, Madara was also able to fight superiorly to both Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki after they had been given power by the Sage of Six Paths himself, rendering all of their efforts futile and being totally unaffected by the normally fatal attacks they inflicted on him(being bisected and stabbed through the heart), which didn't even slow him down and one of which Madara allowed to happen, thus backing up his claim of immortality soundly. While fighting them, Madara also showed the ability to add together Sage jutsu, Shadow Style, and Lightning Style to fire off powerful barrages of lightning from his hands to attack from great distances. He can also use Gale Style to spit a string of lightning powerful enough to cut through Naruto's own staff made of the Ten-Tails chakra(though his is much weaker than Madara's own was since Naruto only has bits and pieces of the first eight Tailed Beasts and half of the ninth inside him). In this form, Madara was also able to fight with his Rinnegan's powers with an even greater level of skill than he could before, especially after regaining both his eyes, becoming much stronger than Naruto and Sasuke. Most crucial to Madara's plans and intentions, becoming the Ten-Tails jinchuriki and awakening the Rinne-Sharingan allowed Madara to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi off the moon's surface to create the peaceful dream world out of the current one, which he mostly succeeded in doing and trapped most everyone in his jutsu.

Chakra, Physical, and Intellectual prowess

Madara fighting with taijutsu

Madara using taijutsu.

Madara's chakra reserves and their power were excessively massive and strong, even by the standards of the Uchiha clan itself. His chakra was so dark in quality that Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, openly acknowledged Madara's chakra was far more ominous than its own. He showed to have such a massive amount of chakra that he could use the Summoning Jutsu to summon both the Gedo Statue or Kurama, use his Perfect Susano'o to clad the beast, and continue to keep perfectly controlling him with genjutsu all the while remaining completely unfazed by any of this. Even after he'd grown old and his chakra reserves had dropped tremendously, he could still summon the Gedo Statue, despite being in a dying state at the time, though having Hashirama's DNA augmenting his chakra at this point certainly helped. Madara's physical capabilities were also quite impressive, equaling those of Hashirama easily. His speed, strength, reflexes, and very precise movements allowed him to fight against an army of thousands by himself, repelling shinobi with single blows, and dodging Gaara's sand attacks, which are immensely fast, with instant ease. He was even able to guard a punch from the Raikage, who is one of the fastest shinobi alive, instantly when the latter attacked him at close range. These abilities increased all the more when Madara became the Ten-Tails jinchuriki. Madara was also a very skilled swordsman, with experience that began as a child. His skill with a sword was such that, when combined with the predictive abilities of his Sharingan, he was able to kill many shinobi
Madara counters Naruto

Madara wielding his war fan.

before they could react. For all his talent with a blade, Madara's main weapon was his giant war fan which he was highly adept at weilding, able to, on top of using it normally, absorb and turn an enemy's jutsu back on them and create a barrier strong enough to block large projectiles. He also used a scythe in life, but it was much less prominent. Madara was extremely intelligent and knowledgeable as well, his extraordinary intellect being well above any other Uchiha. He was considered a genius of the highest quality, which was proven in his ability to create elaborate plans like Project Tsuki no Me, which proved menacing enough that the Five Great Nations and the entire Land of Iron's samurai forces formed an alliance and were drawn into a world war trying to stop it, and it to still succeeded anyway. Also showing his genius intellect is his knowledge on jutsu, the Shinobi World, and the History of Shinobi, having battle ingenuity practically unmatched and knowing things no one in modern times did. With his ingenuity and natually keen instincts being honed by his lifetime of experience, Madara was able to recognize and effectively counter most jutsu, easily deduce the workings of ones he didn't know to find a way to counter them, and form several strategies before or when entering battle so that if one should fail, he can fall back on another. He was also very easy to adapt intellectually as he didn't mind using and/or turning others' strategies and advantages against them if he could and usually became able to easily predict the moves of his enemies and their strategies after only battling them a short time, thus making his need to use strategies of his own unnecessary, with the sum of all of his tactical prowess and ingenuity making Madara immensely hard to catch off-guard unless he allowed it to happen. As maybe be expect of an Uchiha, Madara was keenly observant and missed no details, using overheard communications and off-hand remarks of his enemies to form and verify any theories he comes up with in battle. One rather notable intellectual moment of Madara and his superior knowledge was when he proved to know the weakness of the Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation and exploited it to defy it and keep from being sent back into the afterlife after it was released, a feat particularly impressive since even Orochimaru, who completed the jutsu, didn't seem to know that, as didn't Kabuto Yakushi, who claimed to have mastered it better than his master, and who claimed it had no weakness. Madara was a very adept
Madara severs his contract

Madara cancels his contract with the Reanimation.

teacher, having been able to pass on most of his knowledge and skills to Obito, which allowed the younger Uchiha to mirror Madara himself in multiple ways. In his old age, Madara was able to extend his life when he was about to die by connecting himself to the Gedo Statue using the giant clone of Hashirama he created from his cells as a makeshift life support system, which also showed Madara was also quite knowledgeable on human anatomy. He also had tremendous medical skills as well, having been able to treat Obito's extensive injuries when he saved his life. Madara was also able to plan and ensure his resurrection, setting up various trump cards anticipating every possible outcome following his death. Madara was quite well-versed in psychological warfare, able to easily twist the ideals of others to benefit himself and reduce the morale and confidence of his enemies, both through mind games and overwhelming displays of his extreme power to crush their spirits. Perhaps the most notable example of his mental prowess in this way was shown when he was able to cunningly take advantage of the kind of person Obito was before he became his apprentice by planning to have his precious Rin Nohara killed off in order to cause him to loose faith in the current world, which worked perfectly despite Madara's plan not going absolutely to the letter, and all the while Obito never suspected anything.