Madara's Tengai Shinsei
Secret Jutsu: Shattering Heavens is a special jutsu that, like other techniques in his arsenal, is exclusive to Madara Uchiha. To perform it, Madara first must activate his Rinnegan then, using it together with his Susano'o, hes able to summon two giant meteorites from the upper atmosphere to attack a huge number of enemies. At first just one will appear, but if it is stopped somehow, Madara will collide a second into it and drive them both into the target. Using this
The second meteorite

The second meteorite arrives.

technique just once, Madara was able to easily destroy the great majority of the Fourth Company of the Allied Shinobi Forces, with the tremor the jutsu caused being felt as far away as the Allied Shinobi Forces HQ in the Hidden Cloud Village. When he witnessed the start of this jutsu, Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage, openly likened Madara's power to a god's. Note: This article's name is an adapted, English dub-style one.