Suiko is an anime-only character and one of the antagonists of the last pre-Shippuden filler arc, the Seimei Revival Arc. He was a shinobi from the Village of Artisans and one of Hoki's men.

Backgroud Edit

Suiko was born in the Village of Artisans and grew into a skilled shinobi who desired to see his village conquer all other shinobi lands, joining Hoki and the Four Celetials to accomplish this end by formulating a plan to revive their village's founder, Seimei, using the chakra of the Hidden Sand Village's jinchuriki Gaara's Tailed Beast, Shukaku.

Naruto Edit

Failed attempt at conquest and death

Suiko and the rest of the Four Celetials arrived in the Hidden Sand Village, killing all but one of
Hoki and his men

Suiko and his team scouting out Gaara.

the shinobi at the entrance to send Gaara a message that they wished to challenge him, and threatening that they'd take one person a day he cared about until he accepted. Locating him later with his student, Matsuri, they took her hostage to ensure Gaara would accept their challenge, Suiko asking his leader, Hoki, if doing so would work. After Kujaku later confirmed it had, with Gaara and his siblings following them, they left her and Ryugan behind to hold off Temari and Kankuro, Suiko staying back at the right spot to hold off Gaara while Hoki moved to his position. Though he absorbed the chakra out of some of Gaara's sand, Suiko was easily overwhelmed by him when he raised them high in the air and sent him slamming to the ground. Surviving with little damage thanks to his Infinite Kujaku Armor, Suiko watched on as Hoki and the others activated their Ninja Tool Barrier: Reverse Scale
Suiko slain

Suiko impaled by Gaara.

Formation and watered down Gaara's sand to render it useless(though this aspect was later rendered non-canon in the manga). Before he could attack the helpless Gaara, Rock Lee and Naruto Uzumaki arrived as reinforcements from the Hidden Leaf, Suiko facing them and managing to injure Lee. However, Gaara stepped back in and used his dried Sand Armor to form a spear, which he threw and impaled Suiko through his chest, killing him.

Personality Edit

Suiko was like his teammates in the respect that he was quite loyal to his village in his own way, despite it not supporting their ideals, and quite arrogant about his abilities, showing great overconfidence in his Infinite Kujaku Armor and believing his opponents had no chance against him, which led to his demise.

Powers. Abilities, and Skills Edit

Suiko's Infinite Kujaku Armor

Suiko using his Infinite Kujaku Armor.

Suiko was a skilled shinobi in battle, specializing in the use of a mace and his Infinite Kujaku Armor, which allowed him absorb his opponents chakra. His had great physical strength, being able to pose a challenge to Gaara and disable Rock Lee with one attack.